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The product: AromaGlow is an economy-priced table top micronizing scent diffuser. No delicate glass tubes that clog. No water to go moldy. This unit requires little maintenance. It features a soft glowing base that changes color for each power level. Every level has a longer burst and a shorter rest period between bursts. You'll love the handy built-in bottle storage area. Pair with an inexpensive lamp timer to turn it on and off at any time each day or the unit shuts off automatically after 2 hours. 

We recommend the AromaGlow for daytime use at homes or offices. The sound level is approximately 20 decibels (dB) during bursts - approximately the sound level of someone saying shhh at the library. Silent between bursts. (40 dB is the noise level of a normal conversation)

The technology: Our dry micronizing technology turns our 100% natural liquid scents into pure fragrant ambience. Whether you seek the scent of an English garden, blossoming orchard, endless lavender fields or fresh mountain air, we have it. And what's more - every Ajne scent you diffuse is pollen-free, petro-chemical-free, chlorine-free, synthetic-free, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Our scents actually help purify and deodorize the air! Many report an improved sense of well being - like you get when you go for a walk in nature - yet with zero pollen!

The details: The AromaGlow works without heat using 'cold-fusion' micronizing technology. It features a lot of the breakthrough technology of our large diffusers such as a patented nozzle design powered by dual pumps for long life. It produces a completely dry scent burst that literally becomes scented air within centimeters of the scent port. The particles are +/- 1 micron in size. Please do not confuse our micronizing technology with aerosol or ultrasonic systems. Aerosols spray large moist particles 100 times larger than our mist. Large particles tend to float to the floor or furniture where they attract dirt and dust. And, we don't use water as tests by Consumer Reports show it grows and mists out mold, adds humidity to the air and (Consumer Reports says) requires daily cleaning.

The inspiration: In 2005, we were approached by Four Seasons Hotels. They were seeking to scent premier properties, but they wanted the scent to be 100% natural and they wanted it to capture the smell of the area's natural flora. Thus, we began to develop state-of-the-art scent equipment that emitted safe, 100% natural scents. We invite you to peruse our library of scents or develop one of your own. Today, we scent properties, businesses - even aquariums - around the world as large as 500,000+ cubic feet. Ajne is the natural scent expert.

The size:  The size: 5.5 inches tall x 5.5 inches wide and deep. 3.5W - 5v DC. Scents up to 1500 cubic feet. Loudness rating: 20 dB  0.5ml per hour consumption during bursts - 3 x 0.33 fl oz | 10 ml glass bottles

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