Nimbus 3 Diffuser

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The product: The Nimbus 3 is a small format professional quality aroma diffuser for spaces up to 2500 cubic feet. It micronizes our 100% natural liquid scents and turns them into pure ambience. Whether you seek the scent of an English garden, blossoming orchards, endless lavender fields or fresh mountain air, we have it. And what's more - every scent we make is pollen-free, petro-chemical-free, chlorine-free, synthetic-free, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-viral. (Boom! dropping microphone and walking away!) The units are highly effective and highly cost-efficient.

The details: The Nimbus 3 works without heat via 'cold-fusion' nebulizing technology. It produces a completely dry scent burst that literally becomes scented air. The particles are +/- 1 micron in size, allowing them to pass right through air filters - making them effective for HVAC units. The unit may be used table top or wall mounted, free-standing or into the HVAC ducting. Please do not confuse the function with an aerosol or atomizer. Sprayers produce moist particles typically 100+ microns in size . This may cause them to float to the floor or upon furniture where they can attract dirt and dust particles. These units are solid metal - not plastic - and made to last. You can even choose the time of day you want it to begin diffusing and end.

The inspiration: In 2005, we were approached by Four Seasons Hotels. They were seeking to scent premier properties, but they wanted the scent to be 100% natural and they wanted it to capture the smell of the area's natural flora. Thus, we began to develop state-of-the-art scent equipment that emitted safe, 100% natural scents. We invite you to peruse our library of scents or develop one of your own. Today, we scent properties, businesses - even aquariums - around the world as large as 500,000+ cubic feet.

The size: 8.25 inches tall x 6 wide x 2.5 deep - 5W - 12V DC - scents up to 2500 cubic feet - loudness rating of 16dB (the level of a quiet room) - 2ml per hour consumption during bursts

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