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Looking for the Best Event in Carmel and Monterey?

How about booking a unique event or party with Ajne? Turn your next party or event into something fab, unique and memorable. We'd be honored to help!

We have produced numerous events for groups as small as a mother and daughter private blending to as large as 120 for individuals, groups and businesses including Netflix, Lexus, Bacardi, Sun Microsystems, Pacific Life, Frontier Seeds, IBM, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Rosewood Hotels, Pebble Beach Resort and many others. We'll even match your guest's body chemistry to 100% natural perfume ingredients via a quick computerized analysis! Time and time again, we've been voted the most fun, memorable and best event.

A few of our event clients

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Your booking can be performed onsite at our showroom or offsite at your preferred venue. Select from our menu of formats or request that we custom-tailor the format to the needs of your group and budget. And we travel upon request. Ajne has provided memorable offsite private and corporate events in San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Maui, Lanai and Nevis for groups as large as 120.

Formats options include:

Custom perfume blending

Make-your-own hands-on classes

Sniff and Sip wine and food pairing

Bridal Parties and Showers

Girlfriend getaways

Distillation demonstrations

All about Lavender - including how to grow, distill and differentiate between types

Rose distilling and perfume - pairing rose with chocolate

Chakra balancing with tarot or astrology readings

Perfumery making classes

Mother-daughter groups

Special occasion parties

We can provide or assist with securing meals, appetizers, champagne, sparkling beverages, kombucha, you name it!

Please call or contact us with the details of your specific event. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter if you would like us to add your name to our event notification email list.

What Clients Say About Ajne Events

Mallory D., National Restaurant Association, DC

“An amazing and fragrant experience. I’ve received nothing but positive reviews from guests, who especially loved the Ajne team. They also adjusted the “game plan” at the last minute to accommodate a change in attendance. Ajne was great to work with and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a unique guest experience!”

Nancy M., Four Seasons Nevis

“I highly recommend Ajne. They flew to Nevis, trained key staff members and helped us run our most profitable event of the year for a late booking client. The Ajne team was a pleasure to work with and exquisitely professional. Our client was thrilled.”

Natasha L., San Francisco, CA

“Thank you for making my bridal party a perfect day. All of my friends had a fantastic time. Champagne, snacks, besties and perfume blending. A perfect day together we'll never forget! Especially every time we wear the distinctive scents we each went home with!”