Ingredient Dictionary

We are ingredient geeks. If you are reading this, chances are that you are too. Ajne is proud to provide entirely natural product formulas, that are as safe as they are incredible. Half of our secret is the amazing plant ingredients we put into our products, but just as important is what we leave out.

No petro-chemicals. No synthetically-engineered or genetically modified sensitizers. No aroma-chemicals. No parabens. No harsh preservatives. And of course, no animal testing.

We avoid plastic whenever possible in favor of glass and aluminum (because our oceans don't like plastic). And many of our ingredients and formulas are certified organic. Many others are organically sourced, but not certified. We meld state-of-the-art technology with ancient alchemy and entirely natural materials to achieve visible results and aromatic perfection.

We invite you to dig into our dictionary of materials and discover the function and source of each. Please contact us if we've inadvertently missed anything. As you can imagine, our list is ever evolving as is our technology. Thanks for checking it out.

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Check back soon. We are in the process of adding the ingredients.