Orders, Shipping, Returns and Product Info

Returns and Exchanges

Please please please order samples if you are not sure you will like an item or if you haven't tried it before. Samples protect both you and us from unnecessary waste, losses and dissatisfaction! Regarding returns and exchanges: We gladly replace any defective or damaged item(s) - see the next paragraph below. Opened/smelled/used, non-defective items may not be returned. So again -please take advantage of our sampling program. Exchanges are welcomed on any item returned in sealed, unopened and re-merchantable condition. (The condition will be determined upon receipt of the returned merchandise.) If - contrary to this policy - you return full-sized, used liquid goods, please understand that - if we are able to accommodate your request - we may need to charge a restocking fee equal to shipping and making that item a tester. Return requests must be initiated within 1 week of receipt of goods and must have a returned merchandise authorization number prior to return. Authorization may be obtained by completing the Returns form, or by emailing to notify us. We may ask you to take a photo with your mobile phone and email it to us at service@ajne.com so we can improve our production and shipping procedures.

Regarding damages: It is normal for the shipping carton to show some wear. However, if damage occurred to any item(s) in your shipment, please contact us immediately at Customer Service, call us at 831.624.2100 x 350 or complete the Returns form. If possible, please take a photo of the broken items and damaged box with your mobile phone and email it to us at service@ajne.com. We apologize for any inconvenience, but please understand that the shipping carrier (i.e. USPS or Fedex) may require that they see photos of the damage prior to allowing a credit to be issued. So, please snap a photo or two and set aside the damaged box and items for their inspection. We'll let you know as soon as you can discard it. We appreciate your efforts and will do everything in our power to make it as easy as possible.

The Ajne Sample Program - Risk-free Shopping

We encourage all customers to take advantage of our incredible sampling program to try any product that they have not tried before. We have created what some customers call "the Internet's best sampling program". The cost is nominal and is 100% applicable to any future purchase of $70 or more. Here is how it works: The program functions similarly to a wine tasting experience. For a small fee of $25 - which just covers our production cost - we invite customers to try any liquid item in a generous 3ml (1/8 oz) to 5ml (1/6 oz) size. When the samples arrive, the box contains a savings code applicable to the full cost of the samples. The savings code may be applied to any subsequent non-sample purchase of $70 or more made within 60 days of receipt of the samples. Please note that we offer samples at a rock bottom price to take the risk out of shopping online. As such, we reserve the right to substitute samples in the event that one sample is selected multiple times. Please note that a few of the rare blends may have a small surcharge, but any additional amount is included in the value of the savings certificate. While the sample sets cannot be returned or refunded - please consider that in the event that you didn't like any, you can order more and eventually use all your codes or buy a couple candles or jewelry or lotion and use the entire discount. We've done everything in our power to minimize any risk of trying our products. If you need help selecting the best samples for you, we invite you to contact us at Customer Service or call us at 831.624.2100 x 350. To view or learn more about samples, click here.

Order Processing and Shipping

Orders are typically processed and shipped within 72 business hours of receipt. We often ship sooner; many orders ship the day of receipt. Orders are processed during our normal Shipping Center production hours of: Monday to Friday - 10:00 am to 5 pm. All times are Pacific Standard Time. Please note that customized items may take longer to process and ship. If you need your order to arrive by a specific date, please email us or call us at 831.624.2100 x 350.

Order Inquiries - Current and Past Orders

You may view your order status by logging in and clicking into My Account. Please remember: You must be logged in with the same username and password you used when you placed the order you are looking for. To see tracking information regarding your order open your Order History. Click the symbol of an eye at the right. A detailed page of your order(s) will open. Select the specific order. You will see all the detail regarding the order, as well as the tracking information in the comments line. If it does not function as a link to the shipper, simply cut and paste it in the tracking box on the shipper's website. You should also receive an email regarding the tracking info when your order is shipped. If we can help in any way, please contact us by email or call us at 831.624.2100 x 350.

Contact Us Regarding an Order

For information regarding a specific order, please contact us via email or at 831.624.2100 x 350.

Shipping Rates

Information regarding shipping rates is listed on the Delivery Page. We provide free shipping in the USA for orders over $150. We provide free shipping to Canada for orders over $250. We provide free shipping to Europe and Asia for orders over $500. Some restrictions may apply.

Shipping Options

We offer standard shipping via USPS Priority Mail, and in some cases, Fedex Ground. If you require expediting shipping, please email us or call us at 831.624.2100 x 350. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs. Additional charges may apply. For certain orders that require over-sized packaging, additional shipping charges may apply in which case we will contact you prior to shipping. Please note that shipping times, i.e. the travel and delivery time it takes for USPS or Fedex to deliver your goods, are in addition to the order processing times listed above. For shipment costs to locations not listed above, please email us or call us at 831-624-2100 x 350.

Shipments to APO's/FPO's and PO Boxes

Most items may be shipped to a P.O. Box or Military APO / FPO addresses, but some restrictions may apply. Orders being sent to P.O. Boxes or Military APO / FPO addresses must be shipped via the United States Postal Service and in some instances cannot be shipped via 2nd Day or Overnight Priority service. If you require expedited shipping, please email us or call us at 831.624.2100 x 350.

Shipments to US Territories, Alaska and Hawaii

We accept orders to be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii and the U.S. Territories Puerto Rico, Guam, and U.S. Virgin Islands. Most of our items may be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii and the U.S. Territories, but some restrictions may apply. Priority shipping methods (Overnight or 2nd Day service) may not available for certain locations in Alaska and Hawaii and the U.S. Territories. If you have any questions concerning the shipment of your order, please contact us via email or at 831.624.2100 x 350.

Shipments to International Addresses

Some Ajne products require special handling or markings as they may contain small amounts of organic spirits. Ajne follows the shipping requirements for all countries as specified by International (IATA), federal, state or local regulations governing the transport of these items. The method of shipment for these items is dictated by these regulations, as well as certain regulations of the receiving country. To comply with these regulations, shipment of some products to certain locations may not be possible. If specific regulations affect your order, we will contact you, and will certainly provide reasonable options including refund for any purchase that we cannot complete. We regret any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. If you wish to provide a physical address in the United States or another country to which we can deliver, we will be pleased to ship your full order. If you have any concerns, please email us or call us at 831.624.2100 x 350.

Understanding Natural, Organic Products

Ajne is all about natural and organic products - many certified organic. So what are some of the things about naturals that you should know? Ajne customers appreciate the things that prove Ajne is natural. We often use the example of grape drink versus fine wine. With chemically-enhanced grape drink, the color and flavor is the almost exactly same every batch. Conversely, wine is natural. Every vintage is slightly different. And red wine gets better with age.

Some shoppers like the concept or perhaps "the romance" of 100% natural...but they expect the clone-like consistency of a synthetic. That is not what natural is all about. For example:

(1) There may be very variations in color or scent from large batch to batch - especially if your original perfume is from 2005 and the new purchase is 2016 (for example). Why? Like a fine vintage wine, our blends deepen, meld and mature with aging. This is different than synthetics that tend to "go bad" if kept too long. Another reason is that plant crops vary slightly from year to year and distillation to distillation due to temperature, weather, soil conditions and other factors. This is called "terroir". (pronounced tear wah) Just as every organic peach or goumet meal doesn't look or taste exactly the same. Typically each batch will be identical or at least so close, it is virtually indistinguishable. However, we hope you will appreciate the fact that our process and product shows that we don't use synthetic chemicals, as well as how natural and authentic our formulas are.

(2) Distilled plant oils typically have some color. Roses are red. Violets are blue. And...orange is slightly orange and lime is slightly green. Sandalwood is brown. You get the picture. Synthetics on the other hand are often clear or light blue or pink or violet. This is an indication that it's a synthetic formula. Because our blends are 100% natural, they may contain natural plant color. They are meant to be applied to the skin. Once they meld with the skin, they don't typically affect clothing, but be aware not to spray formulas with color directly onto a white blouse for example.

(3) Again like fine wine, it is possible for some blends to have sediment - which may appear as particles in or at the bottom of the blend. This is natural vegetable material. A bit of a shake, will re-blend the formula. Resins on the other hand may coagulate and stick to glass. We can filter your formula upon request. However, some resins and sediment may reform. This does not affect the scent. If you have any concern, we invite you to contact us or order a sample set prior to purchasing a full size. Here's a link: sample info.

(4) We never add scent to skin care. However, some healing plant ingredients have scent like rose floral water and the azulene of blue chamomile.

(5) Some of the additive fortifiers also contain essential oils that have scent and color. For example, some chamomiles are deep blue. So if you select them, they may slightly alter the color or scent of the base formula such as a serum, lotion or cream.

(6) Natural preservatives: Our products are kept ultra-safe by a revolutionary, natural preservative system that includes highly effective ingredients in unique combinations to provide full-spectrum anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection. All products - even synthetic ones - last longer if kept away from direct sunlight, and away from humidity and heat. However, refrigeration is not necessary. Our perfumes will typically last many years and even deepen and improve with age. Skin care will typically last 2 years unopened. We recommend using your formula within 1 year of opening and 6 months of opening for certified organic items.