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About Oil Diffusers and Aroma Diffusion

How did Ajne get started? In 2005, Four Seasons Hotels wanted to scent premier properties. They had launched a "green initiative" with essential goals - reduce waste, increase recycling and use sustainable materials. The management team asked Ajne to design a scent that would "capture the ambiance of their resort and its local flora." The scent had to be 100% natural, affordable, safe, chemical-free and sustainably produced - and it had to smell fabulous.

Ajne adapted its unparalleled natural perfume library of ingredients into 100% pollen-free, natural scents. We began to construct bespoke blends such as Palena'ole (Hawaiian for "without boundaries"), made entirely of plant-derived ingredients with proven health benefits according to authoritative sources including the US National Library for Medicine. In fact, many scientific studies indicate our ingredients improve concentration and reduce sick days. And we paired our 100% natural scents with the finest state-of-the-art technology.

What's the difference between Ajne and other diffuser companies? Many companies produce very good scent equipment. And yes, Ajne we feel ours are the very best, but what really sets us apart is our expertise in crafting 100% natural scents note by note. Few companies in the world grow ingredients and have the skill to hand blend them into exquisite 100% natural scents. Ajne does. While nearly all of our competitors feature the stock synthetic scent blends they purchase from fragrance houses, Ajne is the leading natural scent expert.

How does Ajne create scent? Our perfumer, Jane Hendler, is widely recognized for her skill in creating 100% natural, supremely sophisticated aroma blends. She has been featured in hundreds of magazines, television and news programs. She has created scents for hundreds of famous celebrities. Her education as a Certified Master Plant Oil Therapist and Herbalist combined with her skill in perfumery gives her the uncanny ability to craft blends that enchant the senses and capture a unique "scents of place."

A few of our scenting clients

Logos of some of Ajne scenting clients

How do Ajne diffusers work? They micronize pure essential oils into particles approximately 1 micron or less in size - so small they can pass right through air filters. Within inches of the port, the 100% natural aroma becomes "scented air." It is completely dry and leaves no residue on surfaces or ducting or furniture or floors. A tiny amount goes a long way.

Why is Ajne's technology superior to other options? Excellent question! Here's one for you: How important are your lungs and sinuses? All of our scents are pollen-free, chemical free, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. They actually help purify and deodorize the air as they smell fabulous. And they're affordable too.

Superior to Ultrasonic: We don't use water. Consumer Reports tests revealed that ultrasonic machines (even those labeled as "germ free" and "anti-bacterial") emitted mold within 3 days unless cleaned daily! Our machines are nearly maintenance free and never emit germs or mold. 

Superior to fan systems: Unlike loud, high-energy-use fan systems that blow air over a synthetically-scented gel cartridge (typically made of non-recyclable materials), our machines are 1) quiet, 2) low energy-use, 3) produce zero waste, and 4) do not use chemicals of any kind. Also fan systems cannot efficiently regulate fragrance output because the scent cartridge usually starts out extremely strong and grows weaker each day.

Superior to Aerosols and Atomizers: Aerosols and atomizers produce large moist particles of +/- 100 microns. They tend to float down to surfaces and furniture where they attract dirt and dust. They also require a propellant that may harm the ozone/environment or contain ingredients that are not considered ideal for the body, sinuses or lungs.

We invite you to join our family of satisfied clients that count on Ajne to naturally and safely scent their home, office, resort, business, aquarium - or hospital - around the world - as small as a single room to hundreds of thousands of square feet. We invite you to peruse our selection of machines and our library of scents or to develop one of your own.

If natural, organic, safe, non-petroleum, non-chemical, reliable, efficient and cost effective are crucial considerations for you, we invite you to contact us. We are the natural scent experts.

Ajne Makes Scents

From our humble beginning, Ajne has been blessed to grow into the 100% natural scent diffusion expert. Few companies in the world grow plants, distill them and craft sophisticated scent blends. Ajne does. And Ajne is honored to have shared its expertise with a veritable who's who of celebrities, hotels, resorts and businesses. But please don't take our word for it. We invite you to research competitors, read studies and peruse our testimonials. If safe and natural are important to you, we believe the clear choice is Ajne.

Scent to Mental

Upon entering your home or business, how does your guest feel? Neutral? Anxious? Relaxed? Welcomed? The success of scent diffusion marketing is based in science. Our sense of smell is 1000 times more powerful than any other sense and delivered to the brain by direct chemical messager. The olfactory bulb and limbic system are ancient brain areas controlling motivation, emotion and memory. Scent creates immediate emotional response. Let Ajne help you lock your positive experience into the mind of your guest.

The Scenter for Healthy Living

Ajne is proud to be a leading provider of safe, cost-effective and efficient scent systems. Every scent we produce is pollen-free, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. We produce scent blends to meet any budget. And every scent we produce is completely free of coal tar, chlorine and petroleum-derived molecules that can cause many adverse respiratory reactions per numerous scientific studiesOur state-of-the-art selection of machines proficiently scent small to vast spaces with cost-effective precision. 


Custom Designed Systems

Looking for a custom-designed system that matches the decor of your property? Or perhaps an invisible system? Ajne is an expert in custom design.

Case Study

We are honored to share the story and process of creating Patron Tequila's ambient signature scent - Baked Agave.

Large Area Diffusion

Large area diffusion is typically implemented via the air handling system. It can also be free-standing or wall mounted and scent 500,000+ cubic feet.

Home & Office Diffusion

Beautiful, efficient and silent - Ajne produces the finest home and office diffusion systems of the same exacting quality as our large systems.

What Clients Say

Mary T.

“When our guests visit our resort, one of the first things they often comment on is the warm, magical scent they encounter when they arrive. And many ask how they can take it home. You should see them smile when we point to our gift shop!”

Charles S.

“Our company has spent millions to envelope our clients into our brand experience. So it makes me smile to think that one of our most powerful tools - our proprietary scent - is perhaps the least expensive part. Yet it may be the one that clients mention the most often.”