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Roll on fragrance oil with gemstone roller

Choose your fragrance and we'll put it in a beautiful oil base with a 7 carat gemstone roller ball! Ajne is the inventor of the gemstone roll-on perfume oi. What is a gemstone roll on? It's a beautiful cut glass perfume bottle with a genuine 7 carat semi-precious gemstone roll on. We invite you to fill it with your choice of Ajne fragrance oil. Each formula is handcrafted from up to 88 100% natural perfectly-nuanced chakra-balancing plant essences. The gemstone absorbs, enhances and magnifies the energy of the 100% natural plant oils contained within the composition.

Your all natural fragrance oil arrives in a beautiful reusable damask cotton case with magnetic clasp. And each bottle is a piece of art in heavy swirled glass with an artisan-crafted metal cap. Select your preferred scent blend. Choose your favorite stone. And if you can't decide the best scents for you, check out our risk-free perfume samples.

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Contains: Our proprietary fragrance composition of 100% natural essential oils and absolutes distilled from genuine flowers, fruit, citrus, seeds, grasses, leaves, bark, wood, and spices via cold press, hydro, steam, CO2 or soxlet extraction and blended into a base of organic jojoba oil or grain spirits. May contain isopropyl palmitate from certified rainforest-safe (RSPO) palm oil. Vegan. Never tested on animals. Always in perfume strength for longest-lasting wear.

0.33 fl oz - 10ml in damask cotton fabric re-usable case that is perfect to carry your scent with you or use as a lipstick or balm case in the future

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