Perfume Necklace

Our perfume bottle necklace collection combines handcrafted jewelry and perfume. Check out our handy work.

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This is a natural perfume of your choice in a limited edition collecti..
This is a natural perfume of your choice in a limited edition collectible necklace. They are available while supplies last. Each is handmade according to our designs by our highly skilled jewelry makers. Unique gifts for your favorite collector or "perfume junkie" and especially when paired with perfume sample sets or gift certificates.Select your favorite essential oil necklace style - there are 4 to choose from. Fll it with your favorite Ajne organic fragrance with our compliments. Click here to email us with any special requests such as pairing with samples.Click here to check out celebrities that selected a Perfume Necklace. To see it in magazines click here. Jane's inspiration: Jane's lineage comes from Dresden. It was during a wonderful trip to Budapest, Prague and Vienna (along with some of her friends from OPI nail polish), that she was mesmerized by the intricate detail of the handmade miniature perfume bottles. Jane envisioned her own designs and now her team handcrafts them ..
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