Organic Rose Sugar Facial Scrub

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Organic Sugar Scrub

An ultra-gentle exfoliating scrub that's as decadent as it is effective. It's like exfoliating with powdered roses and sugar! Your glowing, fresh complexion will thank you as surface impurities and dull, lifeless skin cells are gently whisked away as you rinse. The formula contains kaolin clay that ionically attracts and removes skin debris like a mini-magnet

This scrub is effective for all skin types.

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Usage: Moisten finger tips, face and neck - floral mist is especially effective for this step. Open jar and sprinkle a tiny amount onto moistened finger tips or into palm of hand. Dip finger tips into the powdered scrub. Using finger tips, gently massage desired areas with small circular motions. Rinse thoroughly or remove with clean, warm moistened cloth. Follow with preferred Ajne cleanser, floral water or apply Ajne moisturizer, serum or treatment. Please note - do not allow moisture to get into the powder in the jar.

Contains: Powdered sugar, kaolin clay, enzyme powder, essential oil of rose, essential oil of ylang ylang and maltodextrin

The size: 2.0 oz - 60g jar

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