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Natural Perfume Oil with Gemstone

Our all natural composition of fragrance oils have been called "the best gardenia perfume." Experience our luscious melody of stone fruit, nectar and soft woods as they ascend to sultry white gardenia - the flower of virtue.

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Jane's inspiration: A long-time client asked Jane to create a heady gardenia fragrance. For those that love gardenia, they know there are dozens of gardenia perfumes out there. But few capture the delicate, intoxicating nuances. This is because gardenia is nearly impossible to distill. Perhaps it's because the flower gives so much out to the air.  What comes out of the still is quite different than true gardenia. Well, Jane embraced the challenge. She spent months smelling gardenias and other white florals as she crafted our accord of Fleur Blanche (white flower). As she tells the story, she smiles, "It's tough work, but someone has to do it."

The ingredients of Fleur are reputed to support the crown chakra - the energy center of connection, oneness and enlightenment. We recomend to pair Fleur Blanche with the amethyst gemstone, which is renowned for its legendary ability to ward off negative energy, enhance bliss and universal connection.

Contains: Our proprietary fragrance composition of only 100% natural essential oils and absolutes distilled from genuine flowers, fruit, citrus, seeds, grasses, leaves, bark, wood, and spices via cold press, hydro, steam, CO2 or soxlet extraction and blended into a base of organic jojoba oil. May contain isopropyl palmitate from certified rainforest-safe (RSPO) palm oil. Always blended in perfume strength for longer lasting results.

Available size: 0.33 fl oz - 10ml in reusable cotton damask fabric case

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